Cutting Machine
APM1616 CNC Punching Marking and Cutting Machine for Angles
APM1616 CNC Punching Marking and Cutting Machine for Angles
Product number APM1616
Angle size ∠40×3 ~ ∠160×16 (Q345)
Max. punching diameter φ26mm
Norminal marking force 1030kN
Nominal Cutting force 3000kN

Technical specification of APM1616
1)Angle size: ∠40×3 ~ ∠160×16 (Q345)
2)Max. punching diameter: φ26mm
Nominal punching force: 950kN
3)Norminal marking force: 1030kN
4)Nominal Cutting force: 3000kN
5)Max. length of the raw angle: 12m
6)Quantity of punching head per side: 3
7)The quantity of punching row per side: arbitrariness
8)Quantity of character group: 4 group
9)Dimension of characters: 14×10x19mm
10)Cutting mode: Single-blade cutting
11)Quantity of axes: 3
12)Infeeding speed : 40m/min
13)Overall dimension: 27×7×2.2m(Only for reference)
14)Weight: Approx. 16t
15)The finished angle conveyor is rotated to one side by pneumatic power, the max. length of finished angle is 8 m.
16)There are four sets of transverse conveyor, infeed automatically and intermittently.
17)Type of programming: keyboard input, USB interface input, floppy disc input.
18)Layout: type
19)Working environment:
Working temperature:  0℃ ~ 40℃
Power:  Three phase four wire system
AC Voltage:  380V
Fluctuation of voltage:  ±10%
Frequency:  50 Hz