Cutting Machine
APM2020C CNC Punching Marking and Cutting Machine for Angles
APM2020C CNC Punching Marking and Cutting Machine for Angles
Product number APM2020C
Working temperature 0℃~ 40℃
Power Three phase four wire system
AC Voltage 380V
Fluctuation of voltage ±10%
  1. Technical specification of APM2020C
    1)Angle size: ∠63×63×4 ~ ∠200×200×20
    2)Max. punching diameter  φ25.5mm (20mm thickness ,  Q345)
    Nominal punching force 1100KN
    3)Quantity of punching head per side: 3
    4)Quantity of punching row per side: arbitrariness
    5)Quantity of character group: 4 groups, nominal Marking force:1030KN
    6)Dimension of characters: 14×10mm(18)
    7)Max. length of the raw angle: 14m
    8)Cutting mode: single-blade cutting, nominal cutting force 4300kN
    9)Quantity of CNC axes: 3
    10)The finished angle conveyor is rotated to one side by pneumatic power, the max. length of finished angle is 12m.
    11)There are four sets of transverse conveyor, infeed automatically and intermittently.
    12)Air cooling
    13)Angle feeding Speed: 40m/min, the efficiency is about 1000 holes/hour
    14)Type of programming: keyboard input, USB interface input, floppy disc input, DSTV.
    16)Working environment:
    Working temperature:  0℃~ 40℃
    Power:  Three phase four wire system
    AC Voltage:  380V
    Fluctuation of voltage:  ±10%
    Frequency:  50 Hz