Drilling Machine
PPD103B CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Machine for Plates Model
PPD103B CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Machine for Plates Model
Product number PPD103B
Working temperature 0℃~ 40℃
Power Three phase four wire system
AC Voltage 380V
Fluctuation of voltage ±10%

Technical Specification of PPD103B

1) Max. punching force:             1000kN

2) Max. size of workpiece:            775×1500mm

3) Thickness of workpiece:            5 ~ 25mm

4) Max. punching diameter :           φ25.5mm(16Mn,20mm thickness Q235, 25mm thickness)

(we only provide the die of 16mm thickness for test run. If you want the die  of 20mm,25mm thickness for test run,  you must provide the female die yourself)      

5) No. of die station:   3(one of them can be equipped with stamping die)

6) Min. distance between hole and plate edge         

Punching:    25mm

Drilling:     the distance depends on the hole diameter

7) Max. marking force:               800kN

8) No. and size of character:           10 (14×10mm)

9) Drilling diameter (high-speed steel twist drill): φ16 ~ φ50mm

10) Rotation speed of drilling spindle (stepless speed variation):120~560r/min,    5.5kW

11) Max. stroke of drilling spindle:       180mm

12) Feeding speed (hydraulic stepless adjustment) 20~200mm/min

13) The processing precision:

It can fit the stipulations of first-rate products in < The Classifying Standard of Steel Tower of the Transmit Electricity Line >. The specific numerical value:

a. The space between arbitrary holes on the joint plate: longitudinal: ±0.5mm

transverse :  ±0.5mm

b. Node plate: space between any two group holes : ±1.0mm,

the space of the hole to the side of the steel plate: ±1.0mm

c. The vertical degree, “t” is the thickness of plate ≤ 0.03t and ≤ 2mm

14) Motor power of hydraulic pump:           15kW

15) Power of servo motor (X and Y axes):       2×2kW

16) The compressed air force ×discharging quantity: 0.5MPa×0.1m3/min

17) Overall dimension  (length × width ×height):  3100×2988×2720mm

18) Net weight :             Approx.6500kg

19) The motor of X and Y axes are world famous brand AC servo motor. The main electric controlling components (PLC and CNC orientation system, encoder and switch without touching), hydraulic components, pneumatic valve (electromagnetic valve, overflow valve, and unloading valve) and cylinder are all world famous brand.

20) Working environment:

Working temperature: 0℃~ 40℃

Power: Three phase four wire system

AC Voltage: 380V

Fluctuation of voltage: ±10%

Frequency: 50 Hz